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Begin your journey with Engagemo by creating an account, whether for a Teacher or Student.

Teachers can create classes, design lessons, run quizzes or set assignments as well as track their students' learning and interaction with the course content. Students can make use of all the content in an engaging and interactive way. If you are a school admin and would like to run an institutional account where you can monitor all teaching and learning within your institution, please contact us.

Create an Account

Create and Manage Classes

Once you are on board, it's time to create and manage classes. Engagemo offers a comprehensive suite of tools for effective class management.

Teachers can create classes, set schedules, and define course objectives. They can also upload course content, including lectures, assignments, and multimedia resources.

The platform provides features for live or asynchronous learning, enabling institutions to cater to various teaching styles and preferences.



Enhance Student Engagement

Engagemo is designed to foster student engagement and interaction. Students can easily access live classes, view course materials, and interact with each other.

Our platform offers features such as interactive live lessons, a variety of interactive question types and content to keep students engaged and encourage active learning.

With Engagemo, add meaning to content, whether for classroom teaching or individual study. Use the assignment tool to foster a Flipped Learning environment and check effectiveness of your lessons with post-lesson tasks.

Our platform simplifies the complex, making it easy for teachers and institutions to create, manage, and optimize their learning environments. From onboarding teachers to monitoring student progress, Engagemo's seamless process ensures that education flows effortlessly and effectively in the digital realm. 

How Engagemo works


Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with Engagemo's powerful reporting tools. Monitor the progress of your classes and track student performance in real-time.

Gain insights into student engagement and assessment results. Identify areas for improvement and measure the effectiveness of your teaching methods.

Engagemo's comprehensive analytics empower institutions to continuously optimize their eLearning strategies.

Ensure Quality Learning

Our Platform

Engagemo is a comprehensive platform designed by educators with years of experience and rich pedagogical knowledge to transform teaching and learning. It enables the meaningful integration of technology in education, fostering learner engagement, active learning, collaboration, and learner autonomy. Our main aim is to digitize all the activities and interactions that take place in face-to-face, physical classrooms as well as online learning environments. Discover how Engagemo facilitates teaching and learning for teachers, students, and administrators here.

Discover how Engagemo reshapes education

Explore how teachers can benefit from Engagemo fully in creating and delivering engaging classes.



Learn how you can enhance your learning experience with Engagemo.


Discover what Engagemo offers to enhance teaching and learning in your institution.

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