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A word cloud is a visual representation of words where the size of each word indicates its frequency or importance within a given text or dataset. Typically, the most frequently used words are displayed in larger fonts, while less common words appear in smaller fonts. Word clouds are used to provide a quick and visually engaging overview of the most prominent words or themes in a body of text.

In teaching, word clouds are used as a pedagogical tool in several ways:

  • Text Analysis

  • Vocabulary Building

  • Discussion Starters

  • Assessment

  • Visual Aids

  • Creative Writing

You may add a word cloud by following the steps below:

Click on Add Wordcloud on Create Lesson page:

Write your prompt or question. Then, choose how many entries each student can make. You may choose from 1 to 10 entries per student.

You may add a countdown timer or change the background:

The word cloud question will appear as the following on student devices:

Once students finish responding, the results appear as follows:

10. Add Word Cloud

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